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Inteligent mode/ expert mode
Thanks to the 46.2.9 generation software, we have been able to improve the operator’s experience in setting the device correctly by offering programs tailored to the needs of all customers.


The new generation of 1000W laser diode with three wavelengths of 755 nm – 808 nm – 1064 nm.


20,000,000 flashes in the new upgrade of the 3 wave diode.


The only laser perfectly suited to all skin phototypes. From the Fitzpatrick classification: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.


The three NEXION laser wavelengths are specially designed for all natural hairs and colors (BLONDE / RED 755nm, LIGHT BROWN & BROWN 808nm, DARK 1064nm).

NEXION 3 Parameters

L.A.S.E.R. output power: 1000W
L.A.S.E.R. type: DIODE BAR
Wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm
Spot size: 12*12mm
Energy: 10-100J/cm2 (Adjustable)
Pulse width: 20-800ms (Adjustable)
Frequency: 1-10Hz
Cooling system: Water cooling, air cooling and semi conductor cooling system
Treatment head temperature: 0-5℃
Machine input power: 2500W
L.A.S.E.R. Lifepam: 20.000.000 flashes


The most advanced diode laser technology adapted to any hair and any type of skin due to different wavelengths that act simultaneously at
755nm – 808nm – 1064nm.

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The treatment head has a tailored design for each facial and body work area that allows the operator to work on SKIN GLIDE programs up to 10Hz or STAMP 1Hz. The three-stage cooling system (water, air and semiconductor) efficiently cools the skin throughout the treatment even when using energy up to 120 J.

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Beautiful design and shapes.

We use the best materials in a futuristic design that perfectly combines the technical utility during the procedures. The elliptical shape of the carcass manages to create a very small footprint which makes the appliance very easy to fit in smaller cabinets (12 square meters).

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Created for
your beauty center

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Implementing the concept of renting work devices. This facilitates the interaction of technicians with the devices they are interested in.

For more than 13 years of experience, our team has constantly worked to improve the relation with the collaborators.

The most innovative technology implemented in the 3 WAVE laser hair removal. The newest generation in 2019.

Our powerful arguments.

Powerfull L.A.S.E.R.

German laser technology, Nexion 3 wave laser, emits 1000W with a fluorescence of up to 120 J.

Premium Service

20.000.000 flashes on the diode laser and two years warranty for the equipment.

All hair types

The only diode laser perfectly suited to all colors and thicknesses
of hair.

Best turnover

Premium L.A.S.E.R. it can guarantee you the lowest cost per flash even more affordable than I.P.L.

All skin types

The special program allows use of this equipment throughout the year including the summer.

European CE/ USA FDA

We deliver worldwide thanks to our worldwide safety certificates: ISO, FDA, CE, ROSH.


Nexion it’s an awesome L.A.S.E.R.

Be among those who offer the best solutions for dephnishing hair removal to the most demanding clients. We guarantee the quality of the NEXION laser treatments with a warranty certificate.

Now you can rent!


10.000 flashes

  • 10.000 flashes per month
  • 0.05 EURO per flash
  • Online Technical Course
  • Money Transfer System
  • Unlimited Support
RENT NOW *The price is per month.

20.000 flashes

  • 20.000 flashes per month
  • 0.04 EURO per flash
  • Online Technical Course
  • Money Transfer System
  • Unlimited Support
RENT NOW *The price is per month.

35.000 flashes

  • 35.000 flashes per month
  • 0.03 EURO per flash
  • Online Technical Course
  • Money Transfer System
  • Unlimited Support
RENT NOW *The price is per month.


  • Unlimited flashes
  • 0.01 EURO per flash
  • Online Technical Course
  • Money Transfer System
  • Unlimited Support
RENT NOW *The price is per month.

We don’t have any hidden charge or we don’t make auto-bill to our customers.

I was attracted by the design at first, I do admit, looks fancy and that’s something girls are looking at. The better looking, the better, but the results are insane! I was shocked to see how much hair was gone after only one session.

Vårin H.
35 years old

I only wish that I would have heard about it sooner. The results are amazing even on blonde hair, which is a very big deal! Now I am no longer limited and allowing me to perform the hair removal procedure on anyone.

Anne-Lise N.
28 years old

A great and easy to use unit with results. After spending lots of £ along the years, so far this laser is the best one I ever worked with. Working very fast, pain free and my clients are very happy with the results.

Martin Arham
31 years old

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become a distributor?

If you are a professional company dedicated to the aesthetic industry, then you are the ideal candidate for distribution of NEXION 3 WAVE equipment.

3. Rent or buy?

We offer beauty centers or clinics the opportunity to use the NEXION device both in the integral purchase and the dedicated rental program.

2. How effective is this L.A.S.E.R.?

NEXION gives you the guarantee of the result in the definitive hair removal procedure thanks to the advanced 3 WAVE technology.

4. How about my Warranty?

We offer component warranty for 2 years, and the generator has a lifetime of up to 20,000,000 flashes.

One of the best product for your beauty salon.